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    Monument of P.Nakhimov

    Nakhimov square is one of the central squares of Sevastopol, part of the Central City Ring. It’s situated in the Lenin district of Sevastopol, from it Primorskiy boulevard and Salors’ boulevard, Nakhimov avenue and Lenin street begin. The square with the greatest in Crimea and maybe in the world number of renaming is present Nakhimov square in Sevastopol. From 1787, the time of the arrival of Catherine II in the city, it was called Yekaterininskaya, after 1898 when the monument to P.S.Nakhimovm the hero of the Sevastopol defense, was revealed here, it became Nakhimovskaya. In some memoirs of 30s-40s of XIX c. it is mentioned as Nickolayevskaya. From 20s the square many times changed its name: January 3, 1921 it was renamed into Labor square, and in seven years, in May 1928 into International III square, from 1946 it had the name of Parade square, in 1951 it became Lenin square. Since 1957 after the construction of the new monument to Lenin on the top of the Central hill and new erection of the monument to P.S.Nakhimov here, it has been bearing the present name (Nakhimov square).

    From Nakhimov square Sevastopol began, here the first buildings of the new city were constructed. On Nakhimov square are the landing stages from which passenger ferry boats go to the North side and Inkerman. In memory of the 200th anniversary of the city a stone sign was set up on the square. The memorial to the heroic defense of Sevastopol in 1941-1942, Count’s landing stage, monumental city board of fame are situated on the square. In the center of the square the monument to admiral Nakhimov was constructed.

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