Virtual tour over Sevastopol
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    Morport. On board the ship pilotage

    Sevastopol originally planned as a military settlement by a sea fortress grew and developed solely thanks to the military port, but its unique bays were extremely attractive not only for military ships, but also for commercial shipping. Already in two years after the appearance in Sevastopol harbor of the first vessels, in the beginning of 1784 simultaneously with the order to construct the admiralty, a big fort and a port, it was announced about the free trade of the local and foreign merchants who brought their goods by sea as well as by land. Together with the military port the commercial port started to grow.

    The development of the commercial port was interfered by the military actions on the Black sea, and then when Sevastopol was announced the main base of the Black sea Fleet of Russia. In 1867 when the Crimean war ended, the military port in Sevastopol was abolished and the International Commercial port appeared. In 1875 a railroad was built to Sevastopol and with its opening Sevastopol was officially announced an exporting commercial port. During the first world war the commercial ships formed the transport fleet within the Black sea Fleet on the Black sea theatre of combat actions. In 1919 these vessels were partly returned to their owners. Some vessels were mobilized for the emigration of the White Army from Sevastopol and taken to Bizerta.

    During the WWII the passenger-cargo vessels were attached to the navy. The activity of the Sevastopol Commercial port was interfered again, the sea passenger terminal was destroyed. After the liberation of the city the Sevastopol port resumed its work as a trust “Gorparokhodstvo” of the municipal utility services. In 1944 the trust was renamed into the Sevastopol Agency of the Black sea State Sea Steamship Company and it was put on the balance of the Black sea steamship company. In 1962 the Sevastopol agency was reorganized into Sevastopol Sea Commercial port.
    In 1968 a new building of the Sea Terminal was opened. In 1984 the Port fleet counted 37 passenger boats, 3 steam ferries, 7 auxiliary vessels.
    In 1997 the port got the status of international and now develops according to this status. In the recent years the port was visited by over 100 tourist cruise ships.

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