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    Maksimova dacha. Park

    Maksimov’s dacha situated in Khomutova ravine is a farmstead complex with a landscape park created in late XIX c. – early XX c. by architect V.A.Feldman by order of Sevastopol contractor Alexey Andreyevitch Maksimov. In his main works V.A.Feldman addressed to pure forms of the Greek classic architecture.

    Undoubtedly in creating small architectural forms on the territory of Maksimov’s dacha Feldman was greatly influenced by the ruins of the polis-city of Khersones.
    After the revolution on the territory of Maksimov’s dacha a labor colony for street children was organized, later a convalescent house for workers.

    From 1929 to 1931 there was an agricultural commune “Atheist”. In 1935 in the eastern part of the farmstead a building of a convalescent house of built. In 1941-1942 it housed Medical Batallion, then 40th hospital, here passed the rear defensive line of the defenders of Sevastopol. In the hollow of Maksimov’s dacha there is a common cemetery of the Soviet warriors. During the war the park and mansion were badly damaged.

    The central part of the mansion built in neoclassic forms remained, in the south-eastern part – the quadrangular in plan constructed also in neoclassic style building of the winery. The territory of the park is about 30 hectares. The unique park-museum is a Preserve – a complex monument of nature, archeology, History, landscape-park design, but it needs protection.

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