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    Museum Panorama. Showcase exhibition

    In the central part of the Historic boulevard is Panorama “Defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1955” - a world famous monument to the people’s feat, our national heritage. Here one episode of the 359-day defense of Sevastopol – repulse of the storm in June 6, 1855 - is displayed. The creator of Panorama Franz Alekseyevitch Rubo was an active member of the Petersburg Academy of Arts, the founder of the Russian Panoramic art.

    Panorama opened for visitors in May 14, 1905, was housed in the specially constructed building of cylinder form built by the design of military engineer O.I.Enberg and architect Feldman. Beautiful classic two-column portal is faced with the Inkerman stone and decorated above with elements of military décor – soldier George’s cross twined by George’s ribbon, the number 349 means the number of days of the defense. In the niches of the building 13 marble busts of the heroes of the defense are installed.
    In the exposition halls the relicts telling about those who defended the Black sea fort and whose valor brought Sevastopol the title of the city of Russian glory are collected. Part of the exposition reflects the history of creating and recreating Panorama. The steep staircase leads to the observation platform. The painting hangs vertically at the distance of 12 meters from it on the wall of the building. On the wooden platform – sub-table - is the object foreground occupying total area of 900 square meters.

    According to the idea of the painter, the visitor after coming up to the observation platform as if finds himself on the top of Malakhov hill on the day of the storm of June 6, 1855 where the decisive events took place.
    During the Great Patriotic war the building of Panorama was destroyed, the unique painting was badly damaged. Soviet defenders risking their lives saved part of the canvas.
    In 1954 for the 100th anniversary of the first heroic defense of Sevastopol a wonderful monument to the people’s feat was recreated by Soviet painters.

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