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    Art Museum. Exposition

    Sevastopol Art Museum was opened under the name of Sevastopol art gallery November 6, 1927 on the basis of a part of the collection of the Yalta art museum, of the museums of Moscow and Petrograd. Initially the collection counted about 500 works of art. 

    In 1941 the exposition of the Sevastopol Museum counted 2,5 thousand works of painting, graphic arts, sculpture and decorative applied arts. During the WWII the main part of the artworks was evacuated and heroically preserved by the director of the Sevastopol art gallery M.P.Kroshitskiy. After the end of the war the exhibits of the Sevastopol art gallery were in Simferopol, as Sevastopol was practically completely destroyed, and the building of the museum had burnt down. In the 5th of November 1956 Sevastopol gallery resumed its work in the home town. In 1965 it got the name of Sevastopol art museum, in 1991 it was given the name of Michael Pavlovich Kroshitskiy.

    Nowadays there are more than 8000 works of painting graphic arts, sculpture and decorative-applied arts. The original works of west-European, Russian and Ukrainian artists of XVI-XX c.c.

    The building of the museum is an architectural site of the city, one of the few that survived the war. In early XX c. it was a lodging house (a house with apartments for rent) which belonged to C.K.Gavalov. During the WWII the building burnt and its façade was damaged by shell splinters. It was restored in the first post-war years. Now the building houses Sevastopol Art Museum named after Kroshitskiy (since April, 1958) and music school N 1.

    Every year the museum has up to 15 exhibitions, 100-15- visitors, conducts more than 1000 excursions and lectures, about 100 mass events. Its collection is one of the most interesting in Crimea and Ukraine.

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