Virtual tour over Sevastopol
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    2008 Victory Day in Sevastopol

    Victory Day in Sevastopol is a specially moving holiday: sincerely warm attitude to the veterans, the parade, sea of flowers fireworks in the night sky of the hero city… 

    250-day defense of Sevastopol entered the history as one of the most heroic and selfless battles.
    Victory Day traditionally begins with the ceremonial flag hoisting on the Black Sea Fleet ships. This is a really festive spectacle. Then the main event of the day – the military parade. In Sevastopol it’s started by those who defended and liberated the city. The traditions has existed for a few decades: first the veterans march. The defenders come from different cities and towns of Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia and other CIS countries to meet their battle companions. After the veterans columns of Black Sea Fleet navy march. One more tradition is the boat ride of the veterans into the sea to drop into the sea the wreaths of laurels to commemorate the memory of their friends and relatives who gave their lives in the battles for the city.

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