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    Fiolent. Beach in June

    Cape Phiolent is an monument of nature (1969) situated on the extreme western coast where its stripe is significantly narrowed and in the south of the Heraclean peninsula it falls into the sea.
    Phiolent is the cape, the name of which probably originates from the Turkish “Philenk-Burun” – “Tiger Cape”, as on the precipice of the cape there are stripes of yellowish limestone and dark trachyte which remind tiger skin. There are other names of this cape: the cape of St. George, Chiphuros. But most often it’s translated as God’s land. It’s situated on the Heraclean peninsula of Crimea between St. George Monastery, the ravine of Diana and Lermontov cape to the south-east of cape Khersones. The cape is composed of the products of the eruption of the ancient volcano Phiolent and represents a peculiar stone pyramid with beaches at the foot. The descent to the Jasper (Yashmoviy) beach (small pebbles, sand) is by the monastery staircase (800 steps) which was built by the monks in 1891.

    This place is often connected with the ancient Greek myth of Iphigenia. It’s supposed that on Phiolent there used to be the temple of Virgin of Tavropolia (Parthenon) in which the Tauri sacrificed to their Goddess foreigners who got in a shipwreck at the shores of the Trakheyskiy peninsula.
    In 1984 Phiolent was announced a Reserve.

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    Татьяна, 12:39 12.08.2008   [ответить]
    Фантастически красиво!
    раиса, 21:13 09.12.2010   [ответить]
    на картинке красиво. Но если Вы не хотите испортить впечатление, то посещать Фиолент надо только не в сезон, а в период с сентября по июнь, так как летом туда ходят регулярно катера и лодки, людей поэтому -масса!
    Анонимно, 15:56 06.07.2011   [ответить]
    Да!Там реально красиво-были в 2005 году-впечатлений-море))