Virtual tour over Sevastopol
    Infrastructure Sevastopol
    Nowadays, Sevastopol , just like the capital of Ukraine Kiev, is the city of central submission. Sevastopol today is the biggest non-freezing sea trade, fishing port, industrial, scientific, recreational and cultural-historical centre of the South of Ukraine.

    Sevastopol is home to the majority of the Ukrainian fishing, transport, refrigerator, scientific fleet . It has well-developed ship-repairing, radio-electronic industries, powerful construction and agricultural complexes.

    Over 10 000 enterprises of different types of ownership operate within the administrative territory of Sevastopol.

    The main role in increasing the city’s industrial potential belongs to Balaklava iron mine named after Gorky, extracting fluxes used in metallurgical industry, fishing and fish-processing industrial enterprises ( Yugreftransflot Co, Interrybflot, Interflot Ltd, RybportserviceLtd, New Fish Cannery Ltd), Inkerman Winery, Taurida Electric Industrial Group, Avlita Stevedoring Company.

    Six ship-repairing plants can repair ships of any size and types.

    The leading construction enterprise of the region can be considered Inkerstroy Inkerman quarries extracting limestone known in the Crimea as Inkerman white stone.
    All post-war and present Sevastopol’s buildings were constructed from it.

    Local agriculture specializes in gardening, vine-growing, vegetable-growing.

    Sevastopol is an important Ukrainian region of wine-making and vine-growing. Sevastopol grapes have high quality and various species. Top-quality table grape species have been bred here.

    Five agricultural enterprises specialize in vine-growing and wine-making. They are Golden ravine agricultural farm, Closed Joint Stock Company named after S. Perovskaya, Sadovod, Agricultural Company named after P. Osypenko, Kachinsky Ltd.

    Foreign economic relations of Sevastopol with other countries have been constantly increasing.

    Sevastopol Sea Trade Port and Fishing Port maintain trans-shipment operations, oil trans-shipment inclusive.

    Foreigners and foreign ships calling at Sevastopol have no restrictions to visit the city.

    The number of guests visiting Sevastopol becomes larger every year.

    The city’s favourable geographical location. Natural climatic conditions, quite high resources potential and international activity experience can make Sevastopol region a major trade, industrial and tourist centre of the South of Ukraine.

    The city’s transport complex includes 6 railway stations with the total railway length 35.

    Railway branches and stations run close to most of Sevastopol harbours making it possible to maintain cargo trans-shipment/

    The main highways Sevastopol-Simferopol and Sevastopol-Yalta connect Sevastopol with all main Crimean regions.

    12 scientific research institutes and design establishments make up scientific and educational base of Sevastopol.

    32 high educational establishments are on the territory of Sevastopol. They are Sevastopol National technical University, Sevastopol Institute of Nuclear Energy and Industry, Sevastopol Humanitarian University, The Black sea branch of the Moscow State University, more than 20 branches of Ukrainian and Russian universities, 5 city technical schools, about 60 secondary schools, colleges.