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    The Department of Culture and Tourism of Sevastopol
    The Chief of the Department – the honored worker of culture Tatyana Zenina.

    In the structure of the Department of Culture and tourism there are: the Branch of Culture, the Branch of State Service of Cultural Heritage, the Sector of Tourism and the Sector of Economics and Financing.
    The Department of Culture and Tourism is the structural Branch of Sevastopol City State Administration.
    The basic tasks of the Department are:

    The participation in creating and realization the state politics in the spheres of culture and tourism, in the sphere of rapid development of Ukrainian and other languages;

    The participation and realization of state politics in the sphere of Social moral protection;
    - The coordination of realization the program by the Branches of Executive Power.
    - The Providing of Realization the State politics in the sphere of Protection of Cultural heritage;
    - The Providing of realization of State Politics in the Region in the sphere of tourism, the development of tourist and resort-recreation industry by our Responsibilities;

    The net of Cultural and Art Establishments of the city of Sevastopol consists of 115 establishments of Culture and Art, among them are:

    - 2 museums, 3 theatres, concert unification “The Black Sea” and dancing school;
    - 2 centralized library systems (2 central libraries and 58 branches);
    - 2 cinema unifications (consists of 8 cinemas);
    - Sevastopol centre of Culture and Art, 25 Clubs;
    - The Municipal Chamber Orchestra;
    - 9 schools of esthetic bringing up and so on.

    In the State List there are 2073 monuments, among them: 246 – the archeological monuments, 1486 – the historical monuments, 292 – the monuments of architecture and town planning , including 32 monuments of National Importance.

    Inkerman and Balaklava are included into the list of historical inhabited places of Ukraine.

    The territories which are directly subordinate to the Ministry of culture and tourism of Ukraine are located on the territory of our city. They are “Chersoneses of Taurica” and Ukrainian Cultural Informational centre.

    The Unique establishment of Culture and art such as the Navy Museum Complex “Balaklava” works in Sevastopol.

    Sevastopol takes the 4th rating position out of 27 regions of Ukraine as for the basic criteria of tourist places activity.

    189 tour operators and tour agents are involved into the tourist service in Sevastopol. There are 472 certificated guides and guide-interpreters.

    The places for accommodating the tourists with the total capacity over 12000 places are located on the territory of the city.

    Among them there are 35 hotels, hotel complexes and visitor’s houses, 4 sanatoriums, 9 health resorts, 6 health improvement complexes, 4 car campings, 19 children health camps, 3 motels, 57 resorts and the places equal to them, 5 yacht clubs and some seasonal touristic camps.

    Several cultural activities which are dedicated to New Year, Christmas, the Day of the State Defenders are held.

    The Victory Day, the City Anniversary, the Constitution Day and the Independence Day are actively celebrated.

    The series of annual activities devoted to the Memory Day of Victims 1932-33 are conducted.

    Traditional festivals take place in the city:

    The International festival of children’s and youth circus art “The Arena of Pontiisk”; Sevastopol International movie festival of children’s creative activity “the Star Shore of Childhood”, the festival-contest of young singers “the Songs of the Sea” and many others.

    The meeting of Ukrainian Artists usually takes place in September.
    The establishments of culture provide free service to the children from the city summer camps , orphan children large families, scanty means families.

    The national museum of heroic defense and liberation of Sevastopol and the art Museum named after Khroshitsky serves more than 700000 of visitors annually, more than 14000 of excursions and 140 activities are held every year.
    The workers of the touristic sector conduct the organization work on participation of tour companies of the city in International Tourist exhibitions in Moscow, St-Petersburg, Yalta, Kiev, whole Ukrainian project “Touristic Ukraine”

    The International Touristic Forum “Sevastopol. Tourism and rest” takes place in the Ukrainian Cultural Information centre.

    The Sector if Tourism works on the certification of specialists of tourist work: guides and guides-interpreters. Together with the establishments interested, the city and the regional meeting on the questions of preparation for the new touristic season are held.

    The Department of Culture and Tourism of Sevastopol City State Administration.

    Address: 99011, Sevastopol, Sovetskaya str.
    Tel/fax (0692)54-36-09

    The Chief of the Department – the honored worker of culture Tatyana Zenina.